The establishments we create are mortals and the ideology and the mission remain immortal. We believe in the mortality of our assets, establishments and the institution but our souls, vision and the mission remain forever.
This is a mission for the Mother Nature. To spread the message of wilderness conservation of our ancient mountains "the Western Ghats", and provide inputs for ethnic community based conservation and monitoring of natural resources. “The Hornbills” represent right of the remaining rainforests to thrive, the “Riparian Forests” represent right of the river to flow in its each stretch and the “the Endemic Kadar Tribe” represent right of the ethnic communities to keep their land and resources intact


Unto Nature’s wilderness until harmonise our understandings to restore healthy ecosystems

Popular Articles || 2021-09-01
Amitha Bachan KH & Devika M.A.

Niche Profiling and Niche Modelling of Endangered Cryptocarya anamalayana Endemic to Western Ghats for Conservation and Restoration

Journal Articles/Paper || 2022-02-01
Amitha Bachan KH & Devika M.A.

Riparian Forest of Western Ghats, an Endangered Ecosystem

Journal Articles/Paper || 2021-12-30
Amitha Bachan KH, Pooja Suresh, Devika M.A.


Annual Workshop - Ecorestoration

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Conservation | 2022-06-10

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