Hornbill Conservation

Hornbills are of great significance in maintaining diversity and enabling regeneration of different tropical moist forests of the world. Their role in seed dispersal has kept them as flagship species representing the tropical moist forests. The Great Hornbill, the state bird of Kerala is a flagship species of the tropical rain forest of Western Ghats. The hornbill monitoring and nest tree protection program in collaboration with the Kadar indigenous community and the Kerala Forest Department in the Vazhachal Forest Region during 2005 provided in-depth and long-term understanding of Hornbills and their nesting trees, their habitats, their relationship with threatened and endemic tree species. This has become the flagship program of the state and is also a long-term conservation program with indigenous community involvement. Our relationship with Hornbills has contributed to various conservation initiatives, awareness creation on Hornbill and habitat relationships and are still continuing. "