Dr. Amitha Bachan K H

Founder Member

He is an ecological enthusiast with more than one and half decade of experience with flora, fauna, forests and indigenous communities of the Western Ghats. His interests are Tropical Forest Ecosystem Dynamics, Ecorestoration, Ethnography, River basin, Natural History, Right based conservation. His Doctoral work was on Riparian Forest Composition and dynamics in the Chalakkudy River, the conservation initiative for community based monitoring of hornbill nesting trees and ecological monitoring involving local indigenous community were pioneering initiatives. He has spent more than one decade across the Anamalai landscape along with Kadar tribes which has helped them mapping the indigenous territory and ensure their community rights. His prime research areas include ecosystem dynamics, riparian forests, hornbill habitats, threatened trees, ecological niche modelling, niche profiling, biodiversity monitoring, ecorestoration of coastal and forest ecosystems and ethnoecology. He has proven experience as an ecologist, plant taxonomist and Indigenous communities. Presently working as Assi. Prof. and Research Guide in the Research and PG Department of Botany, MES Asmabi College. He has been awarded with Dr. Chandrasekharan memorial Award for Conservation Contributions in 2011 by Kerala Forest Research Institute, Dr. Rolla S. Rau Award for Conservation by Indian association of Angiosperm Taxonomy IAAT & IAPT in 2015 and certificate of appreciation ‘Paristhithi Mithra Award 2019’ for environmental education and conservation by CEERD (2019). He is a founder of Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation and member to member of various IUCN commission groups including CEM and IUCN species specialist group for Western Ghats plants and Hornbills. He is one of the global assessor for threatened status of species for IUCN Red list. He is a member of the Committee on the recognition of Habitat Right of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) and pastoralists of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA), Govt of India.