We believe it is the duty of the civil society organisations like us to link the academic and scientific research, conservation actions in the field and activities of the Government Missionaries including the grassroots level democratic platforms. This is one of our prime mission since our formation in 2005. Our growth is through linking our field inferences with academic research happening across globe and we have provided a flexible academic niche to support interested students in PhD, Internships for Masters and various training in an interdisciplinary mode ranging from Tropical Forest Ecology, Conservation biology, Taxonomy, Social Work, Ethnic communities, ethno biology and ethno ecology, conservation legislations, political ecology, ecological history, wildlife biology etc…

Presently we are having MoU with Research Department of Botany, MES Asmabi College Kodungallur for doing collaborative PhD programme, similarly we are spreading our space for academic research with collaborations and internships limiting to few numbers per year but based on the genuine interest in progress of ecological and related knowledge.

You can send your queries to with the subject head : PhD