We are a small group of people. Science (Knowledge or truth) is our religion and nature is the philosopher.  We wish to look at this beautiful planet through millions of eyes, through the eyes of every creature in the wilderness. It is a kaleidoscope which opens a wonderful world, teaches us meanings of life.

Trust Members & Governing Body

Amitha Bachan K.H. PhD. 
Research Director /( Managing Trustee)

M.P. Shajan 
Administration & Finance Director /( Trustee)

Maya Mohan PhD
Social Scientist  /(Trustee)

Fasila P.K. 
Education & Outreach Director /(Trustee)

Senthil Kumar 
Field Coordinator – Tribal affairs (Trustee)

Anitha K.T.
Prog. Coordinator Research & Conservation

Aneesh C.S.
Prog. Coordinator Art & Publication

Advisory Board

Dr. Ragupathy Kannan (Conservation & Research)
Professor, Department of Biology, University of Arkansas, USA

Achutha Kumar C.R. (Art & Publications)
Affinity Interactive, India


    Volunteers are welcome……kids can join hands with hornbills…….