Our academic internship programme is a platform for the youngsters to have realtime academic experience, linking with our research and conservation action priority areas. Students doing masters or UG can enroll for Internship ranging from 1-12 months for completion of their academic degree and projects. The selection is purely based on their interest in the topic and willingness to work in the field relevant to present conservation paradigm.

we already provided support for few selected students of various disciplines such as life science, Law, social work, sociology, education, ecology, forestry etc.. from various institutions across the country such as IIT Chennai, TISS Tuljapur, Azim Premji University, Christ University Banglore, Amrutha University etc…..

We believe it is the duty of the civil society organisations like us to link the academic and scientific research, conservation actions in the field and activities of the Government Missionaries including the grassroots level democratic platforms such as Local Self Governments and Grama Sabhas.This is the platform for youngsters to join hands with nature, wildlife, ethnic communities and government and community organisations ….

You can send your queries to with the subject head : Internship