The establishments we create are mortals and the ideology and the mission remain immortal. We believe in the mortality of our assets, establishments and the institution but our souls, vision and the mission remain forever.
This is a mission for the Mother Nature. To spread the message of wilderness conservation of our ancient mountains “the Western Ghats”, and provide inputs for ethnic community based conservation and monitoring of natural resources. “The Hornbills” represent right of the remaining rainforests to thrive, the “Riparian Forests” represent right of the river to flow in its each stretch and the “the Endemic Kadar Tribe” represent right of the ethnic communities to keep their land and resources intact


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Our Members

We are a small group of people. Science (Knowledge or truth) is our religion and nature is the philosopher. We wish to look at this beautiful planet through millions of eyes, through the eyes of every creature in the wilderness. It is a kaleidoscope which opens a wonderful world, teaches us meanings of life.

Trust Members & Governing Body

Amitha Bachan K.H. PhD.
Research Director /( Managing Trustee)

M.P. Shajan
Administration & Finance Director /( Trustee)

Maya Mohan PhD
Social Scientist /(Trustee)

Fasila P.K.
Education & Outreach Director /(Trustee)

Senthil Kumar
Field Coordinator – Tribal affairs (Trustee)

Anitha K.T.
Prog. Coordinator Research & Conservation

Aneesh C.S.
Prog. Coordinator Art & Publication

Advisory Board
Dr. Ragupathy Kannan
(Conservation & Research)
Professor, Department of Biology, University of Arkansas, USA

Achutha Kumar C.R (Art & Publications)
Affinity Interactive, India


Why we choose hornbills?

Its beauty that reflects colors of the wilderness of ‘Greatest Celebration of life on earth’ the Rain forests. Its vision over the mountains, valleys and canopy of the forests to share life with every tiny seed. Its devotion, passion for the family, its humility ….? No other bird can represent our landscape as a whole.

Hornbills are generally frugivorous, large, arboreal, and secondary cavity nesters of the tropical moist forests. They depend on natural hollows of large old growth trees for nesting. Can you imagine the size of a Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis), locally called “Malamuzhaki Vezhambal” the state bird of Kerala? Its bill alone measure more than one foot! The bird is 1.3 m high and 4-5 kg in weight. It is the largest among the 39 Asian hornbill species.

Then what about a tree in the forest in which a mother great hornbill incarcerate herself inside a large hollow!. Their true hornbill especially the Great Hornbill is an indication of good quality primary rainforests patches in which the large 30-40 m high old growth trees represent the climatic climax condition. How often such large trees are found in a forest? Then what frequency of such a large tree with a natural hollow suitable for a Great Hornbill to get inside and nest?. One in 1-2 kilometer square of a primary forest.

A male great hornbill feed her mate and chick more than 100 fruits at a time….they have been considered important agents of seed dispersal especially of the tropical moist forests.

Now you can understand what is the significance of a hornbill…


We are devotees of our mountains ‘the Western Ghats’ which taught our souls the right direction. We wish to do what the forests, the rivers want to do. Link every matter and souls, through the drops of rain, spread message of life across the land and flow into the mighty oceans, to rise again as a dew drop in the cheeks of an orchid in the mountain smiling at the morning light in a gentle shivering breeze to begin the sprouting of life again and again….


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Community Forest Right (FRA 2006)
Hornbill and Hornbill Nest Tree Monitoring Programme


Dr. Amitha Bachan K.H.

Founder Member

Dr. Maya Mohan

Founder Member

Anitha K.T.

Programme Coordinator

Fasila P.K.

Director Board

Sreehari S. Nair

PhD Fellow

Senthilkumar V.M.

Director Board


Honorary Fellow

Swetha G

Director Board

Raseena Hind

Masters Project Intern


We believe it is the duty of the civil society organisations like us to link the academic and scientific research, conservation actions in the field and activities of the Government Missionaries including the grassroots level democratic platforms. This is one of our prime mission since our formation in 2005. Our growth is through linking our field  inferences with academic research happening across globe and we have provided a flexible academic niche to support interested students in PhD, Internships for Masters and various training in an interdisciplinary mode ranging from Tropical Forest Ecology, Conservation biology, Taxonomy, Social Work, Ethnic communities, ethno biology and ethno ecology,  conservation legislations, political ecology, ecological history, wildlife biology etc…

Presently we are having MoU with Research Department of Botany, MES Asmabi College Kodungallur for doing collaborative PhD programme, similarly we are spreading our space for academic research with collaborations and internships limiting to few numbers per year but based on the genuine interest in progress of ecological and related knowledge.

You can send your queries to academic@hornbillfoundation.org with the subject head : PhD




Our academic internship programme is a platform for the youngsters to have realtime academic experience, linking with our research and conservation action priority areas. Students doing masters or UG can enroll for Internship ranging from 1-12 months for completion of their academic degree and projects. The selection is purely based on their interest in the topic and willingness to work in the field relevant to present conservation paradigm. 


we already provided support for few selected students  of various disciplines such as life science, Law, social work, sociology, education, ecology, forestry etc.. from various institutions across the country such as IIT Chennai, TISS Tuljapur, Azim Premji University, Christ University Banglore, Amrutha University etc….. 


We believe it is the duty of the civil society organisations like us to link the academic and scientific research, conservation actions in the field and activities of the Government Missionaries including the grassroots level democratic platforms such as Local Self Governments and Grama Sabhas.This is the platform for youngsters to join hands with nature, wildlife, ethnic communities and government and community organisations ….


You can send your queries to academic@hornbillfoundation.org with subject head : Internship




conservation can happen only when all the intricate relationship of the complex web of nature and society functions smoothly. There are people in tune with nature such as indigenous communities and people in the anthropoocene or the mainstream. Everyone need better understanding of each others and how both the system works. The communities, academicians, politicians, bureaucrats, students, teachers and everyone need to learn and on field training is an important aspect for everyone. 

We regularly conduct nature education programme, training for ecological monitoring, Ecorestoration, Hornbill Monitoring, Forest sampling,  natural justice and Forest Rights, Forest Right Act, Mapping and conservation, Conservation of endangered species, scientific writing, working and management plan preparation etc….


You can send your queries to academic@hornbillfoundation.org with subject head : training 




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Community Forest Resource CFR

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